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Renovation Project
The project started in 2009 with the replacement of the membrane protecting the roof of the Recreation Room and Swimming pool. Many lower cost attempts to cure the problem of water ingress into those areas had been tried before, but without success. The work conducted in 2009 has been totally successful and provided The Mansion with a secure roof over the Pool and Recreation Room.

During the course of that work it became evident that there were many other infrastructure issues that needed to be addressed. During 2010 a comprehensive structural review of The Mansion was undertaken. This highlighted a programme of works that would need to be implement over the coming years. A summary of the activities completed is outlined below:

In 2011 the works addressed a new fire protection system, renovation of the lead downpipes and lead rools on the main roof. In the Gardens, the two pavillions were renovated.

In 2012 the attention turned to the roofs where work was undertaken on the Marble House and Winter Garden roofs and the west chimney. The major project was the replacement of the East Crown roof, chimneys and balusters. Other work addressed renovation of the portico and the White House facade. In the basement steel supports were installed as further support to the front of the building.

In 2013 attention was turned to the wings of The Mansion with renovation of the West Wing walls and Old Orangery walls and parapets. Work was also started on repairs to the failing dormers at the upper levels of the main house.

2014 saw a number of significant projects undertaken. The prime focus was on renewal and renovation of the central roof, ballusters, chimneys and cornices. It was also very clear that the 100 year old skylights over the main and back staircases were failing badly, with evidence of collapse that was allowing water ingress into The Mansion. Both Skylights were completely replaced.

in 2015 the unfinished work on the central roof dormers and gutters was completed. Attention then turned to the renewal of the Old Orangery and White House roofs. Finally, the year saw substantial external works with the renewal of the groundworks at the upper and lower garage blocks.

In 2016 the final major roof renewal was undertaken with a project that encompassed the west roof of the main house, together with the surrounding ballusters, cornices, chimney stacks and lead roll edges.

During 2017 all The Mansion residents breathed a great sigh of relief in the knowledge that the plans drawn up in 2009 and 2010 had all been successfully completed. There are some outstanding issues that will be addressed over the coming years but they are nowhere near as significant or urgent as the works conducted to date. Sinking funds and reserves are being set aside to fund any future work.